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Sunday, January 30, 2005

Ann Coulter, Tucker Carlson, and Canada

Extreme, intense hatred has a way of coming back to bite you in the ass.

Take Ann Coulter, who cannot say enough bad things about our neighbors to the north. Of course, when issuing such venom, it might be a good idea to have your facts straight. In this video clip, dear old Ann is taken to task by the CBC's Bob McKeown for claiming that Canada participated in the Vietnam War.

Interesting that she refused to acknowledge that she was wrong. But then again, this is a common trait for people who have their head firmy stuck up their ass.

And we have this compilation of both Ann and Tucker Carlson ragging on Canada, and promptly getting stoned by other commentators and Canadian officials.

Do either of these blowhards know how petty and pathetic they come off as?

Hat tip to Oliver Willis and Crooks and Liars.


Michelle Malkin's Pettiness and Intellectual Dishonesty

Now, I have read Michelle Malkin's blog for quite some time, and I am continually amazed on how she can take an Internet article on some event, twist it to her point of view, and display such intellectual dishonesty without even the slightest nod to the idea of fairness or a twitch of conscience.

Read this latest load of bullshit from her. She's blasts the French for "partying it up," conveniently mentioning the " wines, baguettes and pate," and the "artist - a painter to keep an illustrated record of the trip," while completely ignoring the rest of the article, which so happens to illustrate the goodwill provided by the French:

The 1,000 or so French sailors and soldiers arrived in Aceh province on the island's northern tip two weeks ago. Their 11 helicopters and two C-160 cargo planes are airlifting rice and tents to isolated villages devastated by the Dec. 26 earthquake-generated waves, which killed at least 145,000 people in Asia and Africa.

Foreign Legionnaires are clearing debris left by the waves, rebuilding schools in Maleuboh and occasionally extinguishing fires that flare.

French doctors are treating the sick and vaccinating as many as 10,000 Acehnese children against measles. Many of those children had never been immunized against disease.

"The children are smiling again. This is a good sign," said Maj. Francois Masse, a veteran pilot of French relief work in Bosnia, Kosovo and Chad.

Although media attention has focused on the U.S. contribution, particularly by the nuclear aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln and its battle group, aid officials say the French and other forces are playing an equally important role.

"(The French) increase our capacity to move loads into some areas where roads have yet to be reconstructed. Trucks cannot reach these areas," said Daniel Augstburger, head of the U.N.'s relief work on Sumatra's western coast.

You are absolutely pathetic, Michelle.

Get off of your freakin' high horse and be fair, for once.

If your questionable conscience can allow it.


Sunday, January 23, 2005

Michelle Malkin Has Far Too Much Time On Her Hands

As evidence, here is her latest diatribe.

Now, of course, these slimebags need to be dealt with. But her closing line "Whatever it takes, huh?," is emblematic of most of her litanies — she generally raises some petty anecdotal story, such as this one, and blows it WAY out of proportion, basically accusing the Kerry campaign of all sorts of horrific election crimes.

In logic, this is deemed to be a combination of fallacies which include "slippery slope" and "post hoc" arguments made by Malkin.

But then again, her whole blog is slippery, probably because it is so slimy.


Saturday, January 22, 2005

CRACKPOT Christians

One thing I love about the Internet is there is always something (or someone) to write about, or more specifically, to crack back on.

Take Dr. James C. Dobson, the founder of Focus on the Family. This (apparently) paranoid individual and the organization he founded has, for some reason, decided to attack a cartoon character, SpongeBob SquarePants, and accuse poor ol' SB/SP of conspiring with other cartoon characters in an insidious plot to turn all of our beloved children into flaming homosexuals.

This would be gut-splitting, floor-rolling laughable if it weren't so incredibly sad and stunning, because these nutjobs actually believe what they are saying is the God's truth.

Even after being figurately roasted and boiled in oil across the nation, these guys STILL defended their actions and their words, to wit:

We see the video as an insidious means by which the orgnization is manipulating and potentially brainwashing kids. It is a classic bait and switch.

I've seen the video. There are absolutely no references to sex, sexuality, or even the difference in genders. The video consists of a bunch of cartoon characters, including SB/SP, singing "We Are Family."

I'm too stunned to even shake my head.

Meanwhile, Michael Ventre hits the nail on the head with his commentary on the whole sad event, aptly describing these wonderfully tolerant individuals as CRACKPOTS:

But of course, not all Christians are alike. Many, if not most, Christians understand the true message of Jesus. But there is a frightening number of so-called Christians who can be best described as creepy, rigid, arrogant, cruel, know-it-all, pompous, obnoxious and treacherous — better known by the acronym C.R.A.C.K.P.O.T.

And this had me chuckling:

SpongeBob SquarePants is a hugely popular cartoon character. He lives inside a pineapple underneath the sea. The CRACKPOT Christians, however, would like you to believe that he really lives in a loft in Greenwich Village above an antiques store with his longtime companion.

I do enjoy the Internet, in all of its splendor!


Monday, January 17, 2005

Government Employees Conscripted As Lobbyists

Here is a scary scenario. (New York Times article; registration required.)

The agency's strategic communications plan says the following message is to be disseminated to "all audiences" through speeches, seminars, public events, radio, television and newspapers: "Social Security's long-term financing problems are serious and need to be addressed soon," or else the program may not "be there for future generations."

Conscripting government employees to do the political bidding of the White House is the most outrageous thing I can think of. It's one thing to carry out the law, it's quite another to sell legislation in the guise of providing a public service.

Hat tip to Running Scared.


Incredibly Pathetic

No matter what you think of Michelle Malkin (and I don't think much of her politics at all), this is absolutely disgraceful.

The anonymity of the Internet serves no useful purpose when people can send someone hate e-mail extensively and repeatedly.


Libertarian Racist

Libertarian Hypocrite strikes again.

Liberals hate the SAT because it demonstrates quantitatively that people differ in intelligence, and they also hate it because the average black score is significantly lower than the average white score; the difference exceeds a standard deviation.

I really am speechless. There is very little to say, other than Libertarian Hypocrite's post is emblematic of the blogosphere: all-encompassing drivel stated as fact, without support...she doesn't provide such statistics that would back her claim that the "difference exceeds a standard deviation."


Sunday, January 09, 2005

Libertarian Hypocrite

Get a load of this blogger!

She claims to be a libertarian, yet she works for the government.

How much more of a hypocrite can you possibly be? Taking the very tax dollars in salary that most libertarians (you know, the ones that despise governments in any size, shape, or form) feel should never be collected in the first place.

Here's her "about me" entry: "I graduated from college in 2004, and moved to Washington, DC where I work for the government (which sucks for a libertarian)."

You don't say? Guess it doesn't suck so bad, since it puts food on your table, eh, hypocrite?


UPDATE: Looks like this post struck a nerve. However, she didn't address the meat of the post, which is, of course, how she can deposit those eagle droppings every two weeks with a clear conscience.


U.N. Haters Can't Bash Enough

It always amazes me how some people who are so bent on hating can't see through their own haze to see what good some organizations do.

Take Michelle Malkin. Her bent on the United Nations is now concentrating on certain volunteers who have committed sex crimes while in other countries acting on behalf of the U.N. Well, no doubt these acts are reprehensible, but to castigate the entire organization for the irresponsible actions of a few?

I suppose we should just go ahead and destroy the entire organization, huh, Michelle? Too bad for those most affected by the destruction wrought by the tsunamis, they'll just have to starve to death because the U.N. must be destroyed, by Michelle's thinking.


The U.N.'s Congo Crimes


Maiden Voyage

In reading some of the more popular blogs out there, I am absolutely struck by the conclusion-jumping that is being made. What I would like to do with this blog is have some fun...pick out some blog entries and show how hysterical some of these would-be journalists are.

Feel free to comment.