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Sunday, January 09, 2005

Libertarian Hypocrite

Get a load of this blogger!

She claims to be a libertarian, yet she works for the government.

How much more of a hypocrite can you possibly be? Taking the very tax dollars in salary that most libertarians (you know, the ones that despise governments in any size, shape, or form) feel should never be collected in the first place.

Here's her "about me" entry: "I graduated from college in 2004, and moved to Washington, DC where I work for the government (which sucks for a libertarian)."

You don't say? Guess it doesn't suck so bad, since it puts food on your table, eh, hypocrite?


UPDATE: Looks like this post struck a nerve. However, she didn't address the meat of the post, which is, of course, how she can deposit those eagle droppings every two weeks with a clear conscience.