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Saturday, March 19, 2005

Politicians Sink To A New Low

Newton Minnow, in a famous speech, called television "the vast wasteland."

I would expand "the vast wasteland" to include the U.S. Congress. These individuals, to include both political parties and independents, are the biggest waste of space I have ever witnessed in my entire life. They are inefficient, ineffective, trivial, pathetic, money-grubbing, favor-seeking, corrupt, patronizing, condescending, and if that isn't descriptive enough: they don't serve the public, which is what their actual purpose is.

This week, they actually sunk to a new low. The Left Coaster describes it best in this article:

This week we witnessed William Frist, Tom Delay, and not a few Democrats as well, stooping to new depths as they kicked the virtually lifeless body of Terri Schiavo around Congress for personal political gain. In the process, they are trampling the Constitution, ignoring the nation's important business, and undermining the very 'rights' of state government conservatives once hailed as a hallmark of federalism. As the exasperated Rude Pundit exclaims, "What these disgusting, dirt-covered worms won't do to eat the flesh off the body politic."

This was indeed a ground-breaking week for Congress, wasn't it? If they didn't completely shit-can the week over the Terri Schiavo tragedy, they ensured nothing of substance was going to leave those hallowed halls by parading a bunch of steroid-abusing athletes up to the witness stand to take a verbal beating from a bunch of irrelevant old farts.

Over the many years of studying congress (little "c" intended), I came to the conclusion that they were a complete waste in 1987. That was 18 years ago. Nothing during that time period has convinced me otherwise; indeed, their actions (or more appropriately put, inactions) have only cemented that position.


Thursday, March 17, 2005

Michelle, Why Are You So Disengenuous?


That is the word that comes to mind when I read a post on her web site like this. In her post, she references this news article, then proceeds to "cut and paste" those parts of the article that best support her position.

Of course, Michelle doesn't let the facts get in the way of her conclusion: "Truly outrageous." No, Michelle, what is truly outrageous is your pathetic attempt to sway those of us who seek the whole truth, not just your censored pap.

The principal did the right thing in stopping the "play" before any of the students filed into the auditorium. However, that act of common sense doesn't fit into Michelle's sense of skewering the principal to the way she sees fit. Her solution, of course, is to edit that little unfortunate event out of her flaming post. Can't have our villian seen as doing the right thing, now can we, Michelle?

Yes, there indeed is a "truly outrageous" act in this whole story. In this case, however, the story teller herself is the one that is "truly outrageous."


Sunday, March 13, 2005

Felony Stupid

Michelle Malkin, that brilliant nuclear scientist, has done it again.

Ever paranoid of those dangerous Muslims, she delivered an ostensibly chilling, jaw-dropping, yet-again breaking story about directions on the Internet on how to build an hydrogen bomb. (!) Her incredible discovery was this article on the Arab News website, and she also referenced this post at The Jawa Report, whom, at this writing, still doesn't get that it is a decade-old joke.

Malkin took the story at face value, swallowing the hook, line, sinker, and, for that matter, the entire fishing pole.

Thankfully for her, she was able to wipe at least the yolk off of her face (if not the entire egg), as this guy came to Michelle's rescue, and apparently notified her of her miscue.

Gee, it sure is a good thing we have bloggers like her out there, to make sure the so-called "MSM" gets it right, huh? I just have no idea where I would get an accurate news segment without pristine, error-free, and accuracy-endeavoring bloggers like Michelle. My confidence in her is soaring.

I'm actually becoming weary of pointing out her mistakes, seemingly happening now every freakin' weekend. I work during the week, so God knows how many more mistakes she makes then. Thankfully, we have MalkinWatch to call her on her continual churning of pure crap. Then again, considering her track record of late, her website (and her credibility) will probably blow up of its own accord.


Sunday, March 06, 2005

Malkin: "I Was Wrong."

"I was wrong."

With those three small, tiny words, Michelle Malkin attempted to cleanse herself of the vile hate she has been spewing for months in regard to the horrific slayings in New Jersey in January.

Malkin wrote no less then nine detailed blog articles on this tragedy, accusing everyone from "radical" Islamists to the "MSM" (mainstream media) of the crime and to subsequently soft-pedaling coverage of it, respectively.

Well, as it turns out, radical Muslims (nor anyone else, for that matter) were not targeting this unfortunate family because they were Egyptian Coptic Christians. This turned out to be a crime of opportunity, as a piece of trash living above the family killed them in a robbery gone horribly wrong.

Bloggers like Malkin are the main reason why there is so much hate in America these days. Unrestrained, these hateful bloggers feel they can write anything, and in so doing, are the "new age" in journalism.

These kinds of episodes, which are ever-increasing, remind us that the so-called "MSM" is not dead, and that they are still the only avenue of competent, responsible jounalism.

Malkin, as I am every so often reminded, is the one of the main reasons (perhaps the only reason) this blog exists.

Hat tip to MalkinWatch.