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Sunday, March 06, 2005

Malkin: "I Was Wrong."

"I was wrong."

With those three small, tiny words, Michelle Malkin attempted to cleanse herself of the vile hate she has been spewing for months in regard to the horrific slayings in New Jersey in January.

Malkin wrote no less then nine detailed blog articles on this tragedy, accusing everyone from "radical" Islamists to the "MSM" (mainstream media) of the crime and to subsequently soft-pedaling coverage of it, respectively.

Well, as it turns out, radical Muslims (nor anyone else, for that matter) were not targeting this unfortunate family because they were Egyptian Coptic Christians. This turned out to be a crime of opportunity, as a piece of trash living above the family killed them in a robbery gone horribly wrong.

Bloggers like Malkin are the main reason why there is so much hate in America these days. Unrestrained, these hateful bloggers feel they can write anything, and in so doing, are the "new age" in journalism.

These kinds of episodes, which are ever-increasing, remind us that the so-called "MSM" is not dead, and that they are still the only avenue of competent, responsible jounalism.

Malkin, as I am every so often reminded, is the one of the main reasons (perhaps the only reason) this blog exists.

Hat tip to MalkinWatch.