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Saturday, March 19, 2005

Politicians Sink To A New Low

Newton Minnow, in a famous speech, called television "the vast wasteland."

I would expand "the vast wasteland" to include the U.S. Congress. These individuals, to include both political parties and independents, are the biggest waste of space I have ever witnessed in my entire life. They are inefficient, ineffective, trivial, pathetic, money-grubbing, favor-seeking, corrupt, patronizing, condescending, and if that isn't descriptive enough: they don't serve the public, which is what their actual purpose is.

This week, they actually sunk to a new low. The Left Coaster describes it best in this article:

This week we witnessed William Frist, Tom Delay, and not a few Democrats as well, stooping to new depths as they kicked the virtually lifeless body of Terri Schiavo around Congress for personal political gain. In the process, they are trampling the Constitution, ignoring the nation's important business, and undermining the very 'rights' of state government conservatives once hailed as a hallmark of federalism. As the exasperated Rude Pundit exclaims, "What these disgusting, dirt-covered worms won't do to eat the flesh off the body politic."

This was indeed a ground-breaking week for Congress, wasn't it? If they didn't completely shit-can the week over the Terri Schiavo tragedy, they ensured nothing of substance was going to leave those hallowed halls by parading a bunch of steroid-abusing athletes up to the witness stand to take a verbal beating from a bunch of irrelevant old farts.

Over the many years of studying congress (little "c" intended), I came to the conclusion that they were a complete waste in 1987. That was 18 years ago. Nothing during that time period has convinced me otherwise; indeed, their actions (or more appropriately put, inactions) have only cemented that position.