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Saturday, April 09, 2005

Power Line Shorts Out

What is so striking about the Blogosphere is the large number of both conserative and liberal blogs that preach opinion as gospel and build upon that gospelled-opinion to create it's "own truth."

Even more striking is the author's refusal to issue a retraction when the "real truth" is revealed and is in direct contradiction to the questionable blog's claim. Indeed, in many instances, the blog back-pedals in such a fashion as to make Michael Jackson seem like an amateur moon-walker.

Nowhere is that more true than at Power Line. Day upon day, Power Line claimed that the Democrats concocted the now infamous "talking points" memo as a "dirty trick," when in fact, it came from a Republican source.

Did Power Line issue a retraction? Hell no...they back-pedaled and made excuse after excuse after excuse for their poor research and shoddy reporting. Indeed, Power Line has a history of not retracting it's bogus stories.

Blogosphere better than the MSM, you think? Not in a million years, thanks to blogs like Power Line.

Hat Tip to Ezra Klein, who has a particularly scathing article on the affair here, and Here's Whats Left.